Change Management & Transformation

OnPoint Ruta Consulting offers seasoned advisory services in transformation and change management including strategic planning, execution and reporting.

During our change management process, we consider the organization’s mandate, overarching goals and what needs to be changed for sustained performance, growth and relevancy based on inputs from a variety of sources including from within the entire organization and outside for consideration by senior management. We make recommendations on new or revised organizational goals, strategies and priorities. We also assist organizations in developing new or revised strategic frameworks and high-level operational plans in line with new approved directions.

Similarly, we support organizations in the implementation of new strategies with transition planning in the near to medium terms to meet new directions, in the context of approved funding, based on thoughtful implementation of new lines of business or significant change management activities. We aim to minimize disruption to existing operations and include mitigation strategies for key risks. We incorporate the discipline of frequent periodic reporting of costs and results achieved against budgets, expected milestones and outcomes. Additionally, we offer special advisory services to executive management on ongoing governance and oversight and stakeholder management during and after transformation.

Our services can be expanded to include internal operational reviews of organizational performance, crisis response (i.e. pandemic), enhanced risk management and mitigation, broader-based environmental scanning and strategic frameworks, expanded strategic finance considerations (for example leveraging potential new sources of funding, identifying potential savings opportunities, re-aligning budget allocations to new strategic directions), and in dealing with the media and key stakeholders in highly complex and public environments.

For information of how to navigate your organization through COVID 19 please visit our COVID 19 Business Continuity page

Business Continuity Through COVID 19