C-Suite Executive Level Advisory Services

CEO Special Advisor (Chief Executive Officer, Chief Administrative Officer, Executive Director)/ CFO or Treasurer (Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer)/ COO Special Advisor (Chief Operating Officer), interim or part-time

For strategic, high-impact senior executive level assistance that is required on an urgent basis temporarily or in limited ongoing capacity, OnPoint Ruta Consulting offers C-suite Executive level services to small and medium sized organizations, including the not-for-profit and government sectors. More specifically, our C-Suite includes the expertise of highly seasoned leadership to help manage the overall operations and resources of an organization as special advisors to CEOs/CAOs helping them move operations forward with vision, foresight, adaptability, integrity, teamwork and reliability.

Similarly, we provide services in functional areas regarding finance and corporate services, as CFO, Treasurer or as special advisors for assistance in overall strategic financial management and oversight including resource allocation decisions, corporate finance and reporting, funding, grants and contributions management, legal and regulatory compliance and stewardship over financial and corporate assets. We also offer COO assistance as special advisors in leading and overseeing the delivery of diverse services and programs across multidisciplinary teams and jurisdictions with due regard to economy, efficiency and effectiveness, the orderly and efficient conduct of business and to achieve organizational goals for performance and growth.

At OnPoint Ruta Consulting, we are skillful at navigating and overcoming challenges and bringing alignment to organizational goals and strategies. We work effectively with boards, councils, central agencies and other stakeholders. We advance effective collaboration and relationships internally and with outside stakeholders.

We offer flexible arrangements on either a temporary or part time basis. We provide full time temporary assistance as a stopgap measure when organizations face unforeseen C-Suite Executive level departures to ensure continuity in operations. Similarly, we can provide services on a part-time ongoing basis when seasoned level of expertise is needed, for example with growth or new mandates, but does not demand a full-time commitment. We also bring to the work access to a network of experts as may be required.