Powers of Attorney Advisory Mentoring Services

Making decisions to have a Power of Attorney (PoA) over personal and property matters, and their timing, are often not easy for the individual contemplating one or for the other(s) in agreeing to take on the role either immediately or at a future date, as they involve transitioning to a new normal in day-to-day living.

Powers of Attorney can have a significant impact on an individual’s quality of life. It is the mechanism by which a legal right is transferred by one person to another to make decisions on his or her own behalf. Being better informed about what PoAs ought to cover and various options available can mitigate many risks and provide a measure of comfort to the grantor that future key needs will be met as designed and that control will only be passed when and as intended. To facilitate the considerations and options, we have developed a unique 16 box framework over PoA property matters to provide a coherent, dynamic structure which guides our work.

We work with families and individuals to clarify needs including addressing existing or potential health risks such as dementia, brain injuries and other mental impairments. We work with a network of experts to formalize requirements in legal agreements, consider financial options, and/or amend existing PoAs as appropriate, in keeping with laws and regulations. We are focused in providing individuals and families with peace of mind.

For the grantee/agent, taking on responsibility as a PoA can be challenging depending on the scope of activity required. There is a web of rules to comply with, numerous evidentiary requirements and significant PoA accountabilities to respect with oversight bodies ready to investigate any suspicion of abuse, neglect and fraud. The responsibilities and time commitment for PoAs can be significant depending on the circumstances. There is a need for transparency, record keeping and stakeholder management (family, financial institutions, government, legal/financial advisors). Other tasks may include ongoing and strategic financial planning, taxes and other filings, periodic physical/wellness assessments, day-to-day banking and investment activities and sale of property or other exits. Information can be technical and is often fragmented, and requirements can vary from one jurisdiction to another as well as from one institution to another.

To help ease with these transitions, Onpoint Ruta Consulting provides individuals and families with advisory or mentoring support for all phases: from clarifying needs and the parameters in the design of PoAs to navigating the complexities, responsibilities of PoAs, raising awareness on compliance and oversight requirements including the considerations and timing for moving to a PoA, advising stakeholders of the changeover to a PoA, addressing financial and wellness planning, and in facilitating the change journey with mentoring support in relationship and stakeholder management.

We offer flexible, affordable arrangements including ongoing strategic mentoring support and advice.